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Enhance your building experience with these great accessories. Sourced from third party manufacturers, these items are all designed to work perfectly with building sets and parts from the worlds best known brands.

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  • Toy Storage

    Sick of having LEGO all over the floor? Brikbag is fast becoming the most popular way to store your LEGO®, DUPLO®, blocks and toys. We guarantee we'll save you hours of clean up.

  • ME-Model Train Track

    ME-Models manufacture a range of train track that is 100% compatible with LEGO train tracks. The plastic track range can be added to your existing LEGO train track to extend your layout, and includes larger radius curves and different length straights that are not otherwise possible.

    The plastic rails are compatible with the system currently used in sets such as High Speed Passenger Train (60051) or the Cargo Train (60052).

    The ME metal rails are compatible with 9V LEGO track. This system was discontinued by LEGO however with the ME metal rails it is still possible to extend an existing layout for those who are still running 9V LEGO trains.

    If you are interested in purchasing ME-track from outside Australia then please send us a message enquiring. Our default shipping options will only allow addresses in Australia, however we can arrange to ship these items to other countries.

  • Brickcoaster

    BrickCoaster offers roller coaster tracks, custom sets and accessories for use with LEGO® toy building bricks.

  • Printed Bricks and Parts

    Toybricks stocks a range of printed tiles, bricks and other parts to help you finish your creation off in style or personalise your belongings.

  • Lighting Kits

    Light My Bricks offers a wide variety of LEGO® lighting solutions for LEGO® customization.

    Their high quality LED lights and cables are small enough to fit underneath and in between LEGO® bricks, meaning componentry can be concealed and won't impact the look of your LEGO® creations.

    Light My Bricks' unique lighting and cabling system means you can chain multiple lighting kits through a single power source. This is a great feature for those that are looking to light up big displays or large-scale collections.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Brick Building Accessories


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