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  • Nanoblocks

    nanoblock® is a revolutionary Japanese invention that brings block building to a scale never seen before. The smallest bricks are just 4x4mm, which gives each nanoblock® model the finest level of detail. Each set comes with instructions that create a range of tiny animals, miniature musical instruments and architectural landmarks from around the world.

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  • GraviTrax

    GraviTrax is the all new STEM track system!

    Use your imagination to build action-packed tracks and set your balls rolling!

    Experience the power of gravity! Use your imagination tobuild superb tracks and set the gravity spheres rolling! This STEM system[Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths is an ideal one to teach kids aboutgravity, magnetism, kinetic energy and fun. Hit a snag? Freestyle with your owntrack design or use the tasks and blueprints included to help you to getstarted in the world of GraviTrax! Are the gravity spheres stopping or flyingoff before reaching the end target? Time for some problem solving. Rebuild andtry something different! The GraviTrax track system can be extendedindefinitely with extra track packs and add-on's – each sold separately. Thisset is suitable for 1+ players, ages 8 years and up.

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