Stygimoloch Breakout

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Stage a security breach with a dinosaur lab breakout!

Sound the alert! The Stygimoloch has broken free. Help it smash through the lab door and cause mayhem by flipping the workbench over and smashing the window, then make a speedy escape. The guard won’t believe his eyes when he sees the Stygimoloch charging towards him, so call for back-up!

• Includes 2 minifigures: Dr. Wu and a guard, plus a Stygimoloch figure. 
• Features Dr. Wu’s 2-level laboratory with observation deck, ladder, 2 translucent-yellow floodlights, workbench, 2 windows, plus an adjoining dinosaur enclosure with a lifting gate. 
• Stygimoloch features posable limbs and head. 
• Lift up the gate and escort the captured dinosaur into the enclosure. 
• Carry out experiments on the laboratory workbench. 
• Stage a dinosaur breakout by smashing through the laboratory door, then flip up the workbench to push out the window. 
• Also includes a tranquilizer gun. 
• Accessory elements include 2 dinosaur eggs, computer and a yellow cup. 
• This fun toy for boys and girls is suitable for ages 6-12. 
• Laboratory and enclosure pen measures over 5” (15cm) high, 7” (15cm) wide and 9” (23cm) deep.


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Stygimoloch Breakout

Stygimoloch Breakout

Stage a security breach with a dinosaur lab breakout

Set the scene for a dino escape, featuring a laboratory with an observation deck and connected enclosure pen, plus 2 minifigures and a Stygimoloch figure.

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