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Toybricks is a an independent toy retailer, specialising in construction toys including LEGO. Our aim is to have the best possible range and provide great customer service. We have been selling LEGO and related products online since 2006 and in our Bayswater store since 2017.

We also have a significant presence at a number of LEGO fan exhibitions and events around Australia. The owners and employees of Toybricks have exhibited at events including Brickvention (Melbourne), Brickexpo (Canberra), the Sydney Brick Show, and Brisbricks (Brisbane) for many years. We also operate as a vendor at most or all of these shows.

Our Range

LEGO Australia releases new products constantly, however one down-side of this is that most large stores only carry specific LEGO sets for a few months before moving on to the newest releases. Toybricks not only has the latest releases, we also carry a huge back catalogue of LEGO sets which are available online and in our stores. We operate a large warehouse which allows us to stock a range which is second to none. Our warehouse is also part of our online operation, from where we dispatch our online orders.

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